To get the best out of your garden you need to understand how nature works.

WOLF-Garten does, and a fantastic range is available from Kellockbank Country Emporium.

The comprehensive range offers everything you need to create the garden that you have been dreaming about. From feeling a thick, luscious lawn beneath your barefeet in the Summer, to reaping the rewards of healthy beds and borders or watching a perfectly pruned rose bloom in Spring time, WOLF-Garten will help you get the results you want in an easy and time-saving manner.

In 2014 we began retailling products made by Fiskars, a globally leading brand in garden hand tools, focusing on functional, easy to use tools that make the gardening experience more enjoyable.

In America, Fiskars are the number one brand in pruners, loppers and hedge shears and their products are easy to find in the top North American retailers. With innovative product development, strong relationships with retail customers, and increased brand awareness among end users Fiskars are set to become a leading name within the UK market.

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