Experience the magic of growing flowers and vegatbles from seed - not only does it open up a whole world of breathtaking varieties to choose from, it also gives you loads of great value plants and the feeling of satisfaction that you get from raising them yourself is something else!

Our comprehensive flower, plant and vegetable seed range is carefully selected to provide you with home grown products to suit every situation, with the range constantly being added to we are sure there is something to meet the requirements of most gardeners.

We stock a great selection of plant pots, plastic or terracotta, with a size range to suit most needs from the smallest for your seedlings through to large pots for the planting of young trees and large shrubery.

So, whether you're sowing seeds, potting on or just propagating cuttings, with our range of extensive plant pots we're bound to have a pot for all occasions, all you need to do is to come along and decide what’s best for you.

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